Alain Rousseau le peintre du chromobscur

My technique: The mix of bright colours and the chiaroscuro


Chromobscur is the name I gave to my painting because it refers to the chiaroscuro technique well known to painters of the 16th century in Europe but also the bright and colorful colors that flood my paintings and illuminate them without resorting to chromatic techniques of impressionism.

Where does this word chromobscur come from? From two roots: one Greek khrôma which means color and the other Latin obscure meaning dark, dark or black.

Why was it different from chiaroscuro by color and not by light, as the masters of the 16th century did?

The first reason is since that time the invention of photography that has revolutionized painting for me. Before this one, the painters were the witnesses of their time and had, often on orders, to realize faithful works representing with the most possible authenticity the characters whom they painted for their posterity. Today the photo occupies this segment with great efficiency. I therefore consider that a painter no longer has this mission and can represent the characters as he feels rather than as they are.

The second reason is the end of the canons of academic painting and the beginning of the destructuring of images that was led by Picasso, Chagall and other cubists, pointillists, expressionists who influence me in my choices.

I subscribe to this trend and free myself from conventions by painting my characters on a completely neutral dark background and with very bright colors.